Chin/Cheek/Lip Surgery

Chin Surgery Article:

Playboy Magazine April 2009


Chin Augmentation / Reduction

Cheek Augmentation / Reduction

Lip Augmentation / Reduction

Dimple Creation




Chin Augmentation/Reduction

Chin Augmentation can be done either by using solid implants or with the use of fillers tailored to fit the patient’s profile. This in turn will make a retruded chin in perfect balance with the nasal profile. Reduction involves bone resection either taking care of length, projection or both.

Cheek Augmentation

Cheek Augmentation entails placing of well carved solid implant to give fullness and projection to the flat cheek bones. Infiltration of fillers can elevate as well but you will need at least 3-4 ml of the filler to get a fairly high cheek projection.

Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation is used to increase the fullness of the upper lip, the lower lip or both. Fillers can be used as well as sheet implants. The ease of injecting fillers makes it popular but the only drawback is that, it’s not permanent. With the advent of Ellanse, fillers tend to last up to 4 years.

 Dimple Creation

Incisions made inside the mouth attaching part of the skin to the deeper muscular structures will create dimples on the cheeks, however this is visible even if the patient is in the relax facial state for at least 3-6 months.

At Faces and Curves, the procedure usually starts with a comprehensive and individualized approach to Chin/Cheek/Lip Surgery, noting the patient’s concern and safety as the top priority. Patients are then evaluated giving emphasis on their present medical conditions. Allergies, bleeding problems and medications taken are to be reviewed and when needed a cardio-pulmonary clearance will be required. Dr. Recasata will then provide you with the comprehensive information you need for you to decide on the perfect procedure that would match your concern.

What to Expect if You have a Chin/Cheek/Lip Surgery:

Anesthesia:                         Local, Sedation or General

Location of Operation:      Faces and Curves Surgical Center or Hospital

Length of Surgery:             45-60 minutes for implants, 15-20 mins for fillers

Length of Stay:                    Outpatient (Home on the same day)

Discomfort:                          Mild to moderate pain under medication for 2 days

Medications/Smoking:      (Aspirin, Vit. E, Gingko Biloba, etc.) Stop at least 10 days prior to surgery

                                                and resumed 2 weeks thereafter.   Antibiotics may be prescribed.

Swelling and bruising:       Will be mostly gone 10-14 days for implants, 3-7 days for fillers, cold compress will


Dressing/Bandages:          No bandages required

Removal of Stitches:         Usually absorbable sutures are placed, if non-absorbable usually removed on the

                                               5th day

Complications:                   Low risk such as prolonged swelling, bleeding, infection and extrusion of the

                                               implant which may require its removal, implant displacement, asymmetry

Return to Work:                 You may do so 2-5 days, appearance is you’re only limiting factor

Exercise:                             May be resumed on the 3rd week

Sun Protection:                  At least 3 months with SPF 15 or higher

Final Result:                        Seen 1-2 months for implants, 2 weeks for fillers

Average Cost:                    Available upon request