Facelift Surgery (Rhytidectomy)


Temporal Lift

Mid-face Lift

Neck Lift







Sagging cheeks/necklines, jowls, deep wrinkles, lateral hoods are inevitable effects of aging. Face lift Surgery involves tightening, removal of the loose skin, and lifting the deep facial tissues thereby giving you a youthful and a refresh look. The effects of face lift surgery usually last an average of 5-10 years. It can be complemented by doing either an eyelid surgery, neck lift or a brow lift and even fat transfers, and liposuction. Adjunctive procedures to Face lift Surgery include Chemical Peels, Resurfacing, Diamond Micro-Dermabrasion, and Rejuvenating Facials which are also available at Faces and Curves, under direct supervision from our Skin Care Specialist.

At Faces and Curves, the procedure usually starts with a comprehensive and individualized approach to face lift surgery, noting the patient's concern and safety as the top priority. Patients are then evaluated, giving emphasis on their present medical conditions. Allergies, bleeding problems and medications taken are to be reviewed and when needed, a cardio-pulmonary clearance will be required. Then, Dr. Recasata will provide you with the best option on what procedure will be appropriate for you.

Incisions and Scars from a Face lift

At Faces and Curves, Dr. Recasata uses the Anterior hairline approach thereby preserving the normal anatomical location of the hairline, the incisions are then continued down the front of the ear, around the earlobe, up the back of your ear, and into your hairline behind the ear. Most of the facelift scars should fade away in one to three months.

What to Expect if You have a Facelift:

Anesthesia:                          Local, Sedation or General

Location of Operation:       Faces and Curves Surgical Center or Hospital

Length of Surgery:              2-4 hours

Length of Stay:                     May require an overnight stay

Discomfort:                           Mild pain under medication

Medications/Smoking:       (Aspirin, Vit. E, Gingko Biloba, etc.) Stop at least 10 days prior to surgery

                                                 and resumed 2 weeks thereafter.   Antibiotics may be prescribed

Swelling and bruising:        Will be mostly gone 10-14 days, Cold Compress will help

Dressing/Bandages:           Will be removed the following day

Removal of Stitches:           4th and 7th day

Hair Shampoo:                      3rd day

Complications:                     Hematoma, Skin Death, Facial Weakness/Paralysis

Return to Work:                   You may do so within a week

Exercise:                               May be resumed on the 3rd week

Sun Protection:                    At least 3 months with SPF 15 or higher

Final Result:                          Seen 1- 3 months

Average Cost:                      Available upon request