FAQ Medical Tourism

Can cosmetic surgery be compatible with tourism, can I go sightseeing etc?

Vacations and fun activities sound enticing, but vacation related activities may compromise patient's recovery. Cosmetic surgery trips are usually marketed as a vacation, but after surgery, activities should be limited. Such activities as sunbathing, alcohol consumption, exercise, sightseeing, etc. should be avoided. However, within certain obvious restrictions, patients can carry out moderate activity such as walking and generally enjoying a mountain resort at Tagaytay or Baguio or just staying directly within the city.

Do I have my pre-surgery lab tests done in my country or over there?

Depending upon your age and medical history, pre-surgery lab tests, heart evaluation and chest X-rays will be required prior to being approved to schedule surgery.

Anyway, these tests are performed over here before any surgery; doctors would prefer knowing about your test results before you actually booked your surgery.

What about if I’m already back in my country and I develop a complication or need a surgical revision?

Any post-surgery care you need while back in your country can be easily coordinated among us and a general surgeon over there.

Secondary revisions or additional surgeries may be required in some cases and this is something patient will agree with the specialist (see Patient Informed Consent); medicine is not an exact science, there is no such thing as guaranteed results, neither here or in any other place in the world.

I have heard that travel combined with surgery can significantly increase risk of complications?

There is an increase risk of having post-surgery complications if a patient would not stay for at least ten days post -surgery. Most of the surgeries should be planned for at least two weeks to allow for a reasonable post-surgery recovery period; patients cannot be signed out before the recommended length of time needed for immediate post-surgery recovery and overlooking the medical instructions in this sense, i.e. departing without having the doctor's authorization, will be taken as a serious fault for which we will not take responsibility.

I get in a very bad mood when I am under pain and I am not prepared to undergo any discomfort whatsoever, how will you handle this? Furthermore I am very demanding about hotel standards, food (I eat nothing but American stuff), I do not speak the local language, and I am extremely frightened of 3rd world countries.

Patients should always understand as part of their general culture that any cosmetic surgery will involve some discomfort and some pain. However, we will be providing each client an individualized approach to lessen your discomfort. What is good for one person maybe entirely different for another.

Once again, going abroad means being open minded, understanding that traveling brings knowledge about other cultures, other idiosyncrasies, different food, different people, different language and different ways of doing things, not necessarily having to follow a strict American pattern: being different does not mean being inferior or to have less quality.

What happens if I need to change the surgery date after having booked up surgery or furthermore I want cancelling altogether, can I get my money back?

As long as you notify us at least 8 days in advance, no charges will be made making our best attempts to set a new date to suit everybody, yet we cannot guarantee when this will be possible. In the event you cancel your surgery, a US$ 100 charge will be made to cover for administrative expenses. Rest of funds will be wired back to you according to your instructions.