Radio Frequency (RF)

Radio Frequency Article:

Play Boy Magazine September 2008


Radio Frequency (RF)Treatment :

Benefit from this non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that boosts collagen stimulation using the latest radio frequency technology. The relaxing heat massaged through the electrode technology promotes blood circulation and tightens the skin, allowing the body to be gently contoured while stubborn fats are drained by your therapist towards key lymph nodes all over your body.

Facial RF:

Laugh lines? Double chin? Sagging jaws? Forget about botox and facial surgery; let the RF Tx benefit you with the quick fix to firm – up those unwanted signs of ageing without the needle and knife. Treat your face to a healthy glow and instant face lift.

Facial and Neck RF:

Women’s neck and hands cannot deny their age, why limit the benefits of the RF Tx to your face alone when your neck can make you ten years younger?

Facial, Neck, and Décolletage RF:

Frequent sun exposure and tanning loosens the skin on the chest area. Boost collagen regrowth; enjoy an easing RF lift on your face, neck, and décolletage to defy the sun’s harmful effects and skin’s natural ageing process.

Arms and Back (Bra Line) RF:

No need to hide your arms and back under a shawl. Expose your new svelte arms and sexy back to the world with the latest RF Tx

Abdominal RF:

A slimmer and curvaceous silhouette is finally within your reach without liposuction! Enjoy the comfort of warm RF waves and heat breaking down fat cells, as it tightens loose abdominal skin and creates a defined waist for a slender new you.

Thighs (Inner and Outer) and Butt Lift RF

Self-conscious about your wobbly thighs and saddle bags? Show off longer legs and a firmer derrière after a full lower RX Tx

  • Recommended for 10 sessions (Weekly)
  •  Maintenance is once every 2 to 3 weeks